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Getting Together Made Easy

Frequently Asked Questions
Why the name Muster??
Muster is a verb meaning to collect or assemble, and the app is all about helping you to collect and assemble your friends in one place as efficiently as possible.
I invited someone to an event but they aren't seeing the event in the app. Why not?
You likely invited them using a different phone number than they used to sign in to Muster. Check in your Contacts to see if you have their current phone number, and make sure it's designated as iPhone, Mobile, or Main. Muster figures out which phone number to use (in that order), so a number in Contacts that doesn't match the user's Muster sign-in number will cause this problem. After correcting the number in Contacts, uninvite them from the event and then re-invite them - you'll need to do the same to any groups they are in.
Why do I have to use my phone number to sign in to Muster?
As it turns out, not everyone has an email address or a social media account. The one thing nearly everyone has is a mobile device with phone service. Not only that, but using phone number authorization means you don't need a username or password, and it also allows your friends to invite you to events purely through their existing contacts.
I was texted a verification code for sign-in but I can't get it to work. What's happening?
If you enter the code wrong several times in a row, for security purposes you may have to wait a few hours before trying again.
What information does Muster store permanently? How is it used?
All event data is temporary and gets permanently deleted within a day of an event expiring. All that is kept permanently is your name and phone number, invitee groups, and favorite invitees. Event name and location history are stored locally on your device but can be cleared in Settings. None of your data is shared with anyone else for any reason - phone numbers are only used to connect you with your own contacts.
Why can't I create events in the web version of Muster?
The web app is provided as an option for users without a native app option (currently anyone who is non-iOS), and is intended just to allow event viewing and attendance status replies.
Is there an Android version of Muster?
Not yet. It's in the works, hang tight.
Muster says some videos are too long to be added, is there a length limitation?
Yes, videos have a maximum length of 10 seconds.
Why does Muster prompt to send a text message for some invitees?
Invitees using the native Muster app are able to receive push notifications for invitations and changes, but non-native users cannot - they can only be notified via text. You can cancel texts for event changes but the initial invitation must be sent or non-native users are removed from the event.
How do invitee groups work?
A group is just a collection of invitees, and allows you to quickly add multiple invitees to an event with one tap.
Can I flag some invitees as favorites?
Yes, if you tap to the left of a contact in the contact picker when adding invitees to an event, they will be starred as a favorite and move to the top of the list in the future. Tap the star again to un-favorite someone.
What does the Premium in-app-purchase add to Muster?
Premium is an in-app-purchase that helps make this app possible, and it does away with those pesky ads.
How does the "plus one" feature work?
"Plus one" is when someone is attending an event with a friend. If you turn on "Allows Plus Ones" in the Settings for an event, an additional "IN Plus One" button appears with two thumbs-up to indicate "I'm in with a friend" - the total invitee count changes to reflect two people for the "IN Plus One" attendance status.